A Survey On Women And The Governmental Branches Of The United States

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The sample participants in this survey are women serving in the three governmental branches of the United States. Those three branches consist of the legislative branch (104 women), executive branch (7 women), and the judicial branch (131 women) nation wide. Additionally, those women arranged from the Democratic and Republican parties. Potential participants will include two hundred and fifty-five women derived from various branches. All potential subjects will receive information on the study. That information will contain, the purpose of the study, who will be doing the research, and when the research conveyed. As a recruitment method emails distributed to all potential participants will notifying them of upcoming survey dates and reminders. Those participants who decide to complete and submit their survey will serve as our purposive sample. Each participant that partook will receive 10 dollars, for participation.
During the research study potential participants will be given a questionnaire. The purpose of this questionnaire is to assess the participant’s positions regarding whether or not a glass ceiling exists in the political sector. A clear and precise definition of the “glass ceiling” will be briefly described at the top of the survey, before the questions begin. Glass Ceiling definition is as follows: “an upper limit to professional advancement, especially as imposed upon women, that is not readily perceived or openly…
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