A Survey Report On The Prevalence Of Hypertension

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According to the survey report of WHO "2012 World Health Statistics ' , a third of the world 's adults have high blood pressure, the number of deaths due to hypertension is about half of the total number of the deaths due to the stroke and heart disease. With the rapid development of economy and technology, and gradually improve the way people live, continuous improvement of living standards, as well as society as a whole and further exacerbate the degree of aging, hypertension because of its high morbidity and disability has become China major issues of national health and social health, and understand trends in favor of developing high blood pressure and better hypertension prevention and control strategies. KEYWORDS Hypertension,Blood pressure,china,prevalance. The prevalence of hypertension in China Over the past 50 years, China has conducted four times the population of large-scale sample survey of the prevalence of hypertension. The total number of each survey, age, diagnostic criteria and prevalence was rough. Although the size, age and diagnostic criteria for each survey are not consistent, but basically objectively it reflect the Chinese population in 50 years the prevalence of hypertension was significantly increased. According to four times the whole with hypertension and 2002 sample survey conducted 1959, 1979-1980, 1991, China adult hypertension prevalence rates were 5.1%, 7.7%, 13.6% and 18.8%. The first survey in 1959, the population aged 15 and above were
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