A Survey Study Of Students Who Have Been Involved With The Robocup Junior

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Before presenting the case study of students who have been involved with the RoboCup Junior, in the Hunter region, we will highlight the growing success in a snapshot of the past four years and indicators for the current year of RoboCup Junior in the Hunter Region, as seen in Table 1.
Over the past four years, there has been a general increase in the number of students, teams, and schools (with the exception of 2015), with a total of 698 (139 Females participants (2012=43, 2013=18, 2014=46, 2015=32)) student participants, with students as young as 10 years of age in their 4th school year participating in the Hunter Region RoboCup Junior competition. Additionally, as the initiative matured, we saw an increase in spatial coverage of the schools participating in the competition; Table 1: Geographical Representation of Participating Schools, which included schools from the Central coast, and as far north as Camden Haven, and even some elite schools from the Sydney Region attending the tournament, in 2014.
For this year, in 2016, the event will be held in mid-August, and has not been held at the time of submission of this publication, but indications from our registration database have shown a sharp increase in the number of participants. The following numbers are set to increase, as the registration database is still accepting new participants to the tournament. Currently, the numbers stand at over 340 students, with over 100 teams from 27 different schools participating from

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