A Survey Study On Market Research

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Market research [What statistical research have you completed to help you analyse your market? Did you use a survey/questionnaire?] Statistical research was done using the Internet Market targets [Outline your planned sales targets. What quantity of your products/services do you plan to sell in a planned timeframe? Are they monthly or yearly targets?] Solaroo aims to sell at least 3000 solar chargers per month. Environmental/industry analysis [Detail the results of the market research you have performed. Is the area experiencing population growth? Are there long-term employers in the area? Is the region 's economy stable? Are there seasonal variations? What is the size of the market? What recent trends have emerged in the market? What growth potential is available and where do you fit in? How will the market/customers change when you enter the market?] The size of the market is large and it is growing as more people carry and use electronic devices. Hence there is a growing need for portable chargers that can charge devices on the go. Recent trends include better portability, internal battery capacity and modern design. There is potential growth in the market in terms of power efficiency and solar power storage. Solaroo aims to work on these trends to produce a product that will have improved, innovative features by incorporating new solar power technology with sleek, modern design. Your customers Customer demographics [Define who your target customers are and how they
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