A Survivor's Short Story: Offworlder

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Deep below the arena, within a small cell made of 3 walls of stone and one wall of iron, with a heavily armored guard weilding a morning start outside sat a lone human among two dozen orcs also in the cage... "Outlander" they called him, the few other non-orcs there referred to him as "Offworlder" though his name was not important. Months in the cage had left his skin pale, his eyes sunken, his head was bald exposing intricate patterns of tattoos across the top of his head. he leaned against the rear stone wall, his knees pressed up to his chest, his wrists laying on his knees with his hands hanging down. as the crowd above went silent and the echoes ceased, so to did the chattering of the imprissoned cease, till finally, from a young male,…show more content…
as she passed by the one with the human he looked up to her, turning his head to face her he gave her but a smile and a word "you did good, kid" he said as she passed, of course there was no time for her words to sink in as another orc male reached out through the bars, going straight under the cloth covering her ass and slipping a finger inside her for a brief second, none of the other prisoners would be punished, after all, who cares if some slaves destined to die fighting each other decided to rape the new meat? if anything that would just give the guards some entertainment, as they passed by one of the guards came up behind her, on his regular rounds, as he passed he almost whispered "the outlander wants to see you" as soon as he said it the other guard escorting her smacked him with the side of the spear "What!? why you care huh?" the guard with the morning star shrugged "dunno" and
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