A Sustainable Xavier : The Rising Popularity Of The Green Movement

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A Sustainable Xavier With the rising popularity of the green movement, people are beginning to care more about the environment and the impacts our actions have. People are making efforts to be more sustainable and take care of Earth. The efforts to make the conscious decision to take better care of the environment goes beyond the individual. Many universities are doing things across campus to be more sustainable. Xavier is no exception to that. Xavier has been implementing plans for a more sustainable campus for many years and has plans to continue the program for years to come. Sustainability, as defined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is, “based on a simple principle: Everything that we need for our survival and…show more content…
Sustainability is not just something Xavier Universtiy is focuing on. Many other universities across the country as well as individuals are contributing to the sustainability movement. In the International Journal for Sustainabiliyt in Higher Education, contributer B. Chalkley stated that, “education for sustainability must seek outcomes that involve not only knowledge and skills but also the values that underpin sustainable behaviour by businesses, government and socieety,” (Shephard). This minset is on par with the required coursework emcompassed in Xavier’s Enviornmental Studies minor program. When looking at sustainability at various universities, it is important ot gague students’ perceptions of sustainability on campus. Looking at one of the fourth greenest state, Hawaii, and comparing it with the 48th greenest state, Alabama, we can see how the preceptions amonsgst students vary (Emanuel and Adams). Despite the two schools being on opposite ends of the spectrum of environmental awareness on campus, students at both school have similar concerns and awareness regarding pollution and wastefull consumption (Emanuel and Adams). However, students in Hawaii were able to provide a more accurate understand of the concept of sustainability than the students in Alabama. The Campus Sustainability Program (CSP) at Xavier was established in 2008 after President Michael Graham, SJ., signed the American College & University Presidents’ Climate
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