A Sword Of Justice Or Just Ice

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Alex Lin
Mr. Ziegler
AP English 12
6 December 2015
A Sword of Justice or Just Ice
With great power comes great responsibility. Although he would appear to replay "Who cares?" to this, Hamlet, one of literature 's most famous and powerful users of wit is actually using his wit to further his ambitious cause. Through the use of Hamlet 's wordplay, Shakespeare reveals the true nature of Hamlet 's inner self as well as his relationships with the other characters within the play.
Hamlet 's diction reflects his relationship with the person he is speaking to when he uses wordplay. For example, he tells Claudius that he is "A little more than kin but less than kind." (1,2,65) Translated, this is a play on words as he is refuting Claudius 's previous statement about Hamlet being his son. The definedly hostile relationship Hamlet has towards Claudius is easily seen through his wordplay, but the meaning is taken simply at face value by the rest of the characters who are clueless to Hamlet 's true intentions. This idea is stressed in Hamlet 's follow up statement that his "too much in the sun" (1,2,67), another pun that shows his hostility to Claudius. This idea of Hamlet 's connection between the Sun and Claudius is seen again in his encounter with Polonius when he says, "For if the sun breed maggots in dead dog, being a good kissing carrion - have you a daughter?" (2,2,180-181). This statement irrevocably connects Ophelia, Polonius 's daughter to the sun or Claudius as
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