A Swot Analysis : A Pestel Analysis

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A PESTEL analysis is a tool or framework for marketers. It can be used to analyse and screen the external marketing environment of an organisation. This strategic management instrument gauges the macro environmental factors, which make decision taking significantly simpler. ARDEN UNIVERSITY PESTEL ANALYSIS POLITICAL ELEMENT FACTOR EFFECT ON ARDEN UNIVERSITY BREXIT Potential danger of environmental policy and legislation change Changes to taxes An increase in the tax level would most likely reduce funding for the University League tables Reputational harm Changes to government policy This may put the public funding at risk. General public pressures Danger of not meeting the public expectation Terrorism threat The fear of terrorism…show more content…
y being exposed if not environmentally responsible Staff retention A high staff turnaround can negatively affect the University Staff and student engagement and expectations Lack of engagement may reduce effectiveness TECHNOLOGICAL ELEMENT FACTOR EFFECT ON ARDEN UNIVERSITY Existing infrastructure Risk of increased energy consumption for old, inefficient equipment Availability of funding for technologies Reducing the financial incentives for technologies will make it difficult for the University to achieve carbon reduction targets Advances in technology Development in technology has the potential to increase energy usage which brings about more technology for the University Use of new technology Technologies may not be used to their full capacity Costs High technology costs with long payback periods can reduce he uptake of new technologies LEGAL ELEMENT FACTOR EFFECT ON ARDEN UNIVERSITY Cost of compliance An increase in cost of compliance may detract funding from other areas Accountability, Communication, Staff knowledge Lack of knowledge, understanding and accountability of legal requirements for Arden can cause non-compliance BREXIT The UK leaving the EU can lead to changes in environmental legislation and relaxed or increased regulation New legislation This can bring about costs linked with tax, levies and fine; also, there will be prosecution for non-compliance Immigration legislation This will push for the University to be extremely thorough and careful
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