A Swot Analysis Of Red Bull

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In order to formulate four scenarios that can help improve the strategy of Red Bull in the United Kingdom over the next 20 years, it will be reasonable to consider a SWOT analysis of the company within its industry, then funnel it to a PEST analysis within the given nation, UK. This way, using Porter’s 5 Forces to back up its influence within the given market can better support it. Therefore, constructing four scenarios based on 2 independent factors will be feasible.

SWOT Analysis
• Market Leader – Red Bull maintains its lead as the industry leaders in energy drinks across the world with the annual sale of a billion cans. Statistically, in 2003, Red Bull achieved an 80% brand share in the UK market for energy drinks (Mintel, 2009). In Europe alone, Red Bull produces 2/3 of the overall volume in that region and holds the lead in 12 of the 13 West European country it is present in. With such potency, close competitors are failing to make major progression against Red Bull.
• Effort Applied toward marketing its product – Knowing its target market (18-25 age group), Red Bull creates campaigns such as Formula 1, BMX biking, Skiing events to promote its product (Red Bull Media House, 2014) by using the slogan ‘Red Bull gives you wings’. This concept significantly increased consumer brand awareness of the product it offered and differentiated it from its competitors.
• Alliance (Distribution Channel) – By forming an alliance with Cadbury Schweppes in Australia,

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