A Symbol Analysis of Starbucks

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Matt LeGrande Dr. Schuchardt Iconomy October 11th, 2012 Starbucked There is no better concept for a logo in the corporate world than one that evokes cravings. The logo for the coffee corporation, Starbucks, is ideal to this standard, no longer standing as a symbol but an icon. Over the companies 41 years history it has changed significantly. The once small-business coffee brewery has expanded itself internationally, deeming itself to the world as the definition of what coffee is. Looking over its history one can see the strategic steps the corporation has taken to develop its logo into a distinct identifier suited to cause all environments to come back for more. The Starbucks logo is an embodiment of fatal attraction. At the…show more content…
Today, Starbucks is the largest coffee corporation in the world, with over 20,000 stores worldwide. The need for text is no longer necessary, as the image for Starbucks is now synonymous with coffee. Based on the developments of the Starbucks logo one can predict will it will be heading in the future. It is my assumption that within the next 10 years Starbucks will completely cut out the body of the siren and simply have the head of the siren within a green circle. Over the years it has been continually simplified and this seems to be the most logical next step. After maintaining the image of the head for a good 10 years, the corporation will take its final and most bold step: the erasing of the face. The logo for Starbucks will be a bold green dot. The color of Starbucks is already universally recognizable, and as the company continues to grow in the future getting up to 40,000+ stores worldwide, all people will need to see is the green dot in order to know it is Starbucks. There is a lot of genius in simplifying a logo. By eliminating details it makes the symbol more and more universally relatable. A company that is identifiable by a simple shape and color alone could have huge advertising affects. As thousands of stores rule the streets of every major city in the world, that vivacious green becomes an immediate reminder of the coffee corporation that is dominating the Earth. People today already
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