A Synopsis Of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Ashley Compton.

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A Synopsis of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Ashley Compton Boise State University A Synopsis of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) has been used within a wide array of practices, to treat a variety of disorders and problems. CBT has not been around as long as other types of therapies but has become increasingly popular. Today’s mental health practitioners have been using CBT as a way of treating anything from depression and anxiety to children and families’ dilemmas. Within this text will be a broad overview of what cognitive behavioral therapy is about and offers. This presentation of information will cover the development of cognitive behavioral therapy, healthy psychological development,…show more content…
In turn, he determined that depressed patients tended to have negative and spontaneous thoughts, which he deemed as “automatic thoughts.” From this discovery, Beck set out to help people determine and evaluate their automatic thoughts and to help them think more realistically about their thoughts. In turn, patients were more emotionally sound and behaved in more positively. Eventually, Beck coined the term “cognitive therapy” that we now know as “cognitive behavior therapy” today (“History of Cognitive,” 2016). The key terms of this theory, according to the Beck Institute, are cognitive formulation, conceptualization, cognitive model, and automatic thoughts. Cognitive formulation is defined as “the believes and behavioral strategies that characterize a specific disorder.” Conceptualization is defined as “understanding of individual clients and their specific believes or patterns of behavior.” Cognitive model is defined as “the way that individuals perceive a situation is more closely connected to their reaction than the situation itself.” Automatic thoughts are defined as “an idea that seems to pop up in your head” (“What is Cognitive,” 2016). Healthy Psychological Development Cognitive behavior therapists and researchers have determined there are three core approaches to the therapy. These include how behavior is affected by cognition,

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