A Synopsis Of Data Collection Standards

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The purpose of this memo is to give your company a synopsis of data collection standards in healthcare. I will touch basis on, data collection standards used in the health care industry, health care data collection forms, health care database designs, Analyzing the application of a database in the desktop environment used in the health care industry, and the design and implementation of a risk management plan with consideration of contingency, data recovery, and downtime procedures. First, we will start with the data collection standards used in the health care industry. As management in the health care industry and any staff member of the health care industry should know, we care to protect the well-being of our entire patient’s information. Data standards in health care involve rules that govern the way patient information is stored and exchanged. It is important for all managers and employees, even policymakers to understand the basics of these standards. With the implementation of the affordable care act helps to strengthen data collection efforts by requiring that all data collection efforts to collect information on the patient’s race, ethnicity, sex, main language and disability status. Now that I have briefly summarized what data collection standards in health care is all about, let me inform you on the health care data collection forms. These forms collect information about the patients, such as their name, address, city, state, zip, and personal information

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