A Synopsis of Six Characters in Search of an Author

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The Father, on behalf of the Six Characters, claims that they, as individuals are incomplete, because their previous author could not finish his work. Shortly thereafter the Father and the Stepdaughter begin to tell the family’s story, which is as follows. The Father and Mother were once married, but when the Father found out that the Mother loved his assistant he let her go. The Family of Six Characters consists of the Father, the Mother, and four children. The Son, who is the only child of the Father and Mother, is sent off to the country to become a man. The Stepdaughter, the Little Boy, and the Little Girl are all the children that the mother had with her paramour during her affair. Her lover subsequently dies and the Mother, with her children, move back to the city where the Stepdaughter finds work at a brothel where the Father is unknowingly reacquainted the Stepdaughter. It is unknown whether or not the two actually have sex, but it is believed that the two figure out that they are family before things get too far. After hearing their story the Director implores his company to act out the Family’s story, which the Stepdaughter finds humorous because she…
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