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"Fletch" The movie "Fletch", staring Chevy Chase, is a movie about an investigating reporter for a Los Angeles newspaper, Erwin Fletcher "Fletch", loitering around a beach in attempt to pass as a beach junkie with the intention of getting to the bottom of the drug trade and attempting to figure out who is behind the whole thing. While "working" the beaches, Fletch runs into a businessman who asks him to murder him so his wife will inherit the life insurance policy. Fletch, being the investigative reporter senses something fishy and does what he does best, investigates the situation. Along the way, Fletch commits many illegal acts and crimes in attempt to get to the bottom of the situation. Although his intentions are good, Fletch gets…show more content…
Although Fletch did not actually steal a credit card and charge things to it, he did fraudulently use Mr. Underhill's credit at the club to get food and drinks for himself. I think proving theft in this case against Fletch would not be so hard to prove in the Court of Law simply because there is so much evidence and the crime follows the books exactly. On the other hand, proving credit fraud might be a little tougher to successfully charge Fletch with. Since Fletch did not actually use a credit device, which by my knowledge is the only way to get in trouble for credit fraud, it might be easier for the defense to get around. Either way, Fletch did commit multiple crimes in this scene, which could be punishable by jail time. Around the middle of the movie, police officers come to the beach to "arrest" the black man in the movie, another drifter on the beach. In attempt to find out more, Fletch goes to the scene of the arrest and tries to stop the police from beating this man. Although the police officers were using excessive force, Fletch has no right to interfere with an arrest by a law enforcement officer. According to the law regarding Obstructing Justice, one is guilty of obstruction of justice is he/she unlawfully attempts to interfere with the administration of courts, the judicial system, or law enforcement officers. In this particular case, Fletch interferes with a law enforcement officers attempt to make an arrest by trying to set the arrestee

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