A Synopsis of the Movie I Not Stupid Too

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Director: Jack Neo

Producer: Chan Pui Yin Seah Saw Yam

Writer: Jack Neo

Casts: Shawn Lee (Tom Yeo) [pic] Ashley Leong (Jerry Yeo) Joshua Ang (Chengcai Lim) Jack Neo (Mr. Yeo) Xiang Yun (Mrs. Yeo) Huang Yiliang (Mr. Lim)

Studio: Media Corp Raintree Pictures

Distributor: United International Pictures

Release date: 26 January 2006

Running time: 124 minutes

Country: Singapore

Language: English, Mandarin, Hokkien

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Both gifts were not appreciated. During dinner, Tom’s cell phone rang and his parents reprimanded him when he got the call. But after several minutes, their cell phones rang and left the table to answer it, leaving their children eating on their own. And when Mr. Yeo lose his important files in his laptop which he will use for a business presentation at work, Tom managed to fix it before going to school. He then delivered it to his father hoping that he’ll be praised because of what he did. But instead of thanking him, Mr. Yeo scolded him for touching his things and not being in school.

Mr. Lim on the other hand, loves Chengcai very much and doesn’t want him to end up loser like him who once thought of being a good fighter but broke his leg that’s why he don’t want his son to develop his fighting skills. He has gone to great lengths to ensure that his son will turn to be good and responsible. Alas, he doesn’t communicate well with his son and disciplined him by using physical violence and throwing verbal abuses at him. After their previous fight, he accidentally tore Chengcai’s bag when he tried to pull it. So, keeping in mind of his friend’s advice about how he should show his love to his son, he bought him a cheap bag and hesitantly gave it. Chengcai refused to accept it especially when his father failed to explain the bag’s worth and value for giving it to him.

Apart from their parents, Tom and Chengcai have also

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