A Synthesis Of The Course

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Introduction This essay, as the title says, is a synthesis of the course Introduction to Research. The main source of the essay is the book that has led students to learn in an efficiently manner the lessons, Introduction to Research: Less Fright, More Insight. The course book helped students to organize the lessons through the graphics and colors that it has; it was easier to localize the topics and relate the themes. Furthermore, the lessons of this course will be useful for a life-long period for psychologists’ majors. Depending of the understanding of the students regarding the lessons, they will show professionalism on their future presentations of researches. The importance of this course is based on how the lessons will be applied in the coming future, and how they will affect students’ professional career, as it will affect their growth in Christ. This essay will count with a biblical perspective for each topic that will be mentioned in order to see how this course has implied a Christian perspective and how students can apply them to their faith and lives. Lessons from Introduction to Research APA Format The American Psychological Association (APA) style is found in the APA Publication Manual. The APA format has been created in order to psychology authors have the same manner of communicating their ideas. (Crawford, 2016) According to the publication manual, “[it] has grown by necessity from a simple set of style rules to an authoritative source on all aspects of

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