A System Development Life Cycle Process for Designing a Web Page

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A system development life cycle process for designing a web page. Like any other software development, designing a web site can also follow a process that models life development cycle. Doing so can help the team more effectively implement the various steps necessary in putting the web site together as well as helping them achieve maximum quality. The systems development process can follow any number of methods, tools, and approaches and is not tied down to any specific one. Although there are some conventions, changes and additions can be arbitrarily adapted to suit the customized process. The steps of website development according to the life system process Analysis -The first step is analysis of the objective of the website, namely the purpose which the customer wants the web site to serve. Thought should also be inserted into how the site is going to help the business and how it is going to join the existing system. Attention should be extended to all aspects of the system. Most importantly, the site should be targeted with a specific audience in mind and all aspects of the site slanted to attract that market. The analysis should not be time consuming but should cover all pertinent details and should be realistic. Specification building - A rough draft is drawn up covering all aspects/ and specifications of the proposed web site. General layout, site navigation and dynamic parts of the web, for instance, would have to be laid out and designed. The draft is reviewed

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