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A.T Kearney and the new “defining entity”

“No longer is IT just another tool the CEO might use to accomplish costs saving and operational ends. Today, information technology can help solve product problems, set new levels of service and create new distribution and communication channels.” Founded in 1926, A.T. Kearney had evolved into one the world’s dominant management consulting practices. Its approach was to develop realistic solutions and help clients implement recommendations that generated tangible results and improved competitive advantage. The mix of strategy and operations had differentiated A.T. Kearney from its competitor’s and driven the firm’s outstanding results. A.T. Kearney had doubled its size every
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Kearney and MCS. * Strong goals of growth, globalization, and leadership.
* Leveraging and combining each other’s strengths in the marketplace * Merging of two entirely different cultures * Fear that A.T. Kearney would be viewed as the front end for EDS * Merge not working out among employees * May be difficult to attract and retain good people * Consulting vs. Systems * Un-established environment where the two companies could remain apart, but at the same time work together. * Sales and account management
* Draw on the strengths of both organizations and develop entirely new products. * Full service firm * Technology being integrated into business strategy * A lot of growth potential * Technological Investments will increase * Substantial cross-marketing opportunities * Host events where employees from both organizations attend
* Competitors becoming full service * Political and legal policies affecting the merge * Competition from other firms * The “Big Six” – Classic IT firms * Operational and Strategic Firms * Systems Integrators and system vendors * New information technology entrants
Cross-Selling will be strongly encouraged in the company by giving incentives to the sales teams of both companies. In addition, the company should train a middleman

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