A Tale Of Commodities And Relevance

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A Tale of Commodities and Relevance In Margaret Atwood 's book, The Handmaid 's Tale, the women in the book often find themselves at the mercy of men and being used for the purpose of fulfilling man 's needs. They are more seen as property, than as humans themselves. The women are systemically ranked for amount of use in the household and women who can give birth are often high ranked, but not given much freedom. Over they do everything and are allowed nothing. The woman are not allowed to read, have their own money, or to normal jobs outside of being maids or cooks. The woman are often ranked in terms of colors with wives wearing blue, handmaids wear red, Maratha’s wearing green and Ecowives wearing stripes. The women are often seen as commodities and only relevant to the needs of man. The Ceremony is the act in which the Commander, his wife(Serena Joy), and the Handmaid(Offred) attempt to make a baby. While the women are both needed to be present, nether are required to enjoy the act or to orgasm, the man 's orgasm is the only important part of the act, seeing as he need 's to orgasm to get Offred pregnant. When in turn the act for all three of them is simply a duty to be done. Offred see 's the act as her duty, because she is a Handmaid and that is her single goal: To get pregnant, but she does recognize it is a goal and duty for the Commander also, “This is not recreation, even for the Commander. This is serious business. The Commander, too, is doing his duty.”
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