A Tale Of Glass Menagerie And The Grandmother From A Good Man

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After reading so many good works of poetry and plays one begins to connect the dots on a certain trope of characters. Many different pieces of art use the headstrong character that usually gets others into trouble. A couple of characters come to mind when thinking about that trope such as Amanda Wingfield from The Glass Menagerie and the grandmother from A Good Man is Hard to Find. Amanda Wingfield is a single mother that stays home and takes care of her two kids. The grandmother is a Godly woman who lives with her family of five. On the surface these two woman look like they do not have anything in common, but they are all too similar. They both love to recollect their days in the past and they always fought so they would have their own way. The only difference among the two is that Amanda genuinely cared for her family while the grandmother only cared for herself. Though these two women meant well in their own minds neither of them ended up getting what they wanted. Amanda never successfully found a gentleman caller for her daughter and the grandmother along with her family’s lives ended abruptly by a murderer. Neither of these woman got a happy ending like they wanted maybe having their head stuck into the past was not such a bad thing after all. Throughout both of these works one thing is very clear that both of these women live in the past. Amanda goes on about how she was a young Southern Belle with all these gentleman callers she did not even know what to do with.

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