A Tale Of Two Cities By Charles Dickens

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Human Cruelty is a Result of Hatred Charles Dickens is a very famous novelist, who was born on February 7, 1812, in his home of Portsmouth, England. He was a very dedicated man with a great imagination, and he shows his writing skills in his book A Tale of Two Cities, a historical fiction that focuses on the French Revolution. In this book Dickens uses both atmosphere and imagery to describe how brutal and inhumane men can be to each other. He uses scenes of a man’s need for tyranny, a man’s need for entertainment, and a man’s base animal behavior to show that hatred is the reason of man’s being inhumane towards those of his own race. Charles Dickens shows that hatred is the reason of man’s being inhumane towards those of his own race by describing scenes of a man’s need for tyranny. For example, the character Dr. Manette tells a story of the two Evrémonde brothers treating a peasant woman and her husband harshly: “when that man’s brother saw her and admired her, and asked that man to lend her to him” (Dickens 252). In this particular scene, these two brothers wish to use this poor and helpless woman for their own greedy purposes and treat her as an animal and not a human. Additionally this woman has a husband, which is a problem for these two brothers. The brother of the women suggests that these two brothers have abused their powers to achieve his sister when he says, “You know that it is among their Rights to keep us in their grounds all night, quieting the frogs, in
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