A Tale Of Two Cities Sacrifice

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What Only Love and Compassion Can Heal
A tale of two cities is novel in which the hatred between France and England is portrayed in the year 1775. The story embarks with an envoy that went by the name of Jerry Cruncher, who delivered an urgent message to a man called Jarvis Lorrey. Jarvis Lorrey, who was a gentleman with a good honest heart, and strong moral beliefs, was the legal guardian of Miss. Lucie Manette. Lucie was made to believe that she was an orphan all the days of her life, however the letter that Jarvis Lorrey received proved her otherwise. Her father, Dr. Manette had been discovered in France, and Mr. Lorrey relayed the information onto Lusie. He then escorted her to Paris where they came in contact with Defarge, a man who was the previous servant of Dr. Manette. It was he who had kept Dr. Manette safe in a garret.
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Manette had been locked up and driven mad during 18 years in jail. Lucie spent hours with him, showing him a love that could never be replaced. When they had found him, crazy and lonely, he had spent most all his time making shoes that proved to be his favorite past time due to the infliction upon him during his imprisonment. Through the love and devotion of his daughter, he transformed to a better individual than the man he had been before the captivity. The third person Lucie was able to affect, and to recall to life, was Sydney Carton. Before meeting Lucie, he had felt like he had no purpose in life, and he spent his days drinking to get drunk. When he met Lucie Manette, he found that he still had something to live for and that recalled him to a life that he had never known before. This new Sydney Carton was willing to die for the love of his life’s husband, even though Darnay reminded him of what he could have been. These three people were affected and recalled to life by Lucie Manette because she lived and filled her life full of love and compassion, both things that France and England did not have in their
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