A Tale Of Two Moral Stories

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A tale of two moral stories Geoffrey Chaucer was a great author of the 12th century. He was known as the father of English poetry. Chaucer is the author of the famous work “The Pardoner’s tale”., the book is a collection of short stories. "The Pardoners Tale" and the “The Doctor of Medicine” are two of the tales Chaucer writes in The Canterbury Tales. "The Pardoners Tale" It is told by a man who is deeply affected by the sad tale of “The Doctor of Medicines tale”, he uses the story to preach against those who are blasphemous and gluttonous. “The Doctor of Medicine” is a story about a man whose daughter is beautiful beyond belief and the greedy judge wants her at any cost. The judge’s greed ultimately leads to the daughters’ demise. Both tales teach a valuable lesson regarding greed and lust and morals, one may be a slightly better teacher though. This essay explains if the Pardoner is a more effective teacher than the Doctor of Medicines tale. The Canterbury tales has a tale within that is told about a physician called “The Doctor of Medicine”. This tale is about a man named Virginius. Virginius is a knight who has one daughter she is a beautiful young virgin who also is very virtues. The corrupt town judge, Apius sees her one day and decides he will do whatever it takes to get her. The evil judge Apius hires an evil man named Claudius to help come up with a plan to capture the girl. The judge tells Claudius create a story and falsely accuse Virginius of stealing

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