A Tale Of Two Summers For Parents Summary

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In the article “ A tale of two summers for parents”by Belinda Luscombe, it explains how two parents have to deal with summer for their children. One who can send their kid to a last minute summer camp and one who can’t. This transitions to if elementary aged children really need adult supervision. I say elementary aged children don’t need adult supervision. Yes elementary aged children don’t really need supervision because today's world isn’t what it used to be anymore. All children need is a phone with some cash and they can be set for the entire day. I know most people wouldn’t agree with this but there are just some people who can’t afford to send their kid to a summer camp. There are people who can but they have high paying jobs with skills that are irreplaceable and those who can’t have minimum waged jobs which are easily expandable. We cannot expect somebody to fund enriching child centric summer activities on minimum wage jobs it's too much for that person to do this for their child. I agree with the those on the freerange end of the child raising spectrum who aren't to worried about their children when they can contact them anytime.…show more content…
There is no difference in what people who make more money do then minimum wage people different besides the fact if the minimum wage people do something ad hoc their kids can be taken away by social services. For those who are in low wage jobs can’t really afford to invest in flexibility with their job because they can lose it over them finding someone or having to look after their children. A minimum wage job with $7.25 as an income can’t afford childcare. Children by themselves doesn't seem to be a problem since most children have phones which makes it a lot easier for
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