A Tale of Dunixi Essay

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Jacinda stood on the roof top, the skirt of her ball clothes flowing behind her. She heard laughter and music below her. She sighed, thinking how wonderful life was when it was as exciting as hers. She was a spy in the home of the false rulers of Dunixi. She, her sister Jamille, and her friend Rashia were all posing as loyal nobles to the Garraitzes. She loved this life. There was always excitement, far more than there was in her boring life when she lived at home. The only times that it had been really exciting then was when she was with Alasandrese and Rashia. Suddenly Jacinda was interrupted in her thoughts by the sound of footsteps coming towards her. She hid behind some chairs that had been set up on the roof for the current…show more content…
However, her happy daze was suddenly interrupted by Rashia pulling her down and the sound of more footsteps. Next thing she knew, Rashia had let go of her and walked over to greet Athan, the youngest Garraitz son. He was about their age (Rashia and Jacinda were both 15, Athan and Jamille 14) and had become good friends with Jamille and the two of them, though he still didn't know they were spies. “Hello Athan!” Rashia said in greeting. “Hello, have you seen Jamille? I was going to ask her for the next dance. What are you doing up here?” Athan replied. “Oh, nothing of consequence. I believe I last saw Jamille dancing with Count Sevastianos. Of course, I also believe that I saw the Count lip-locked with some girl behind a statue in the hallway and she appeared to have a similar build and hair to Jamille . . .” Rashia said, two fingers now placed on her lip and a contemplative look on her face. Jacinda had been hiding all this time, but she nearly rose from her hiding spot at this news. Her sister, passionately smooching someone she hadn't even heard about? That didn't sound like Jamille at all . . . She looked harder at Rashia's face and saw a hint of a suppressed smile. Athan, however, did not notice the creeping smile and hurriedly excused himself, an anxious but determined look on his face. Rashia was now shamelessly grinning as Jacinda got out from her hiding place. “You didn't really see Jamille kissing Count Sevastianos,

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