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During my active duty military service I had the opportunity to live in and visit many different cities. Of all the cities I lived in, I spent most of my military time in Charleston, S.C. and Jacksonville, FL. Charleston and Jacksonville were similar in size, geography and population types, but differed greatly in history, weather, and the overall attitudes of its residents. If I had to choose between the two cities as the place to call my home, it would be without a doubt, Charleston, S.C. Charleston and Jacksonville were both considered large port cities, each with a portion of their populations consisting of military families. Although Jacksonville was larger in area than Charleston, folks who lived in the Charleston area considered …show more content…
A few of the many historical sites of Charleston were Rainbow Row, The Market, Fort Sumter and The Battery lined with colonial houses and civil war cannons. Jacksonville had its’ historical sites, although there were just a few and it took some research and effort to find them. Jacksonville was known more as a modern city that began to grow and blossom after the Civil War. It was considered a “victim of war” due to the dilapidation it suffered during the Civil War. The climates of Charleston and Jacksonville were generally considered to be similar, hot and very muggy. My experience was that there was still a large difference and I had come to feel as though each city’s climate resembled the attitudes of its residents, or maybe it was just the opposite. Residents of Charleston were laid back and unrushed while the residents of Jacksonville were impatient and hurried. I remember the deep blue skies over Charleston harbor were often filled with white puffs of clouds that resembled perfectly shaped cotton balls. I could always count on the light and pleasant ocean breeze that made it difficult to focus on my work, and if rain came, it drifted in as slowly and silently as the sailboats returning to the marina after a long day out on the harbor. In Jacksonville, I remember the ocean breeze was more of a confused gust that chopped at your skin and

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