A Tale of Two Cities-Sacrifice

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In the melodramatic novel, A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens, the author uses the theme sacrifice. He shows that sacrifice is important in his story because some of his characters must give up their lives for another. Miss Pross dedicates herself to Lucie because she wants Lucie to have a brighter future than she did. Then, out of his love and devotion for Lucie Manette, Sydney Carton sacrifices his life to save a life she loves. The sacrifices Miss Pross and Sydney Carton make express that mankind will give everything for what they love and believe in. Miss Pross sacrifices her own life and happiness for Lucie Manette. After asking Miss Pross about Lucie, Jarvis Lorry then understands how much Lucie means to Miss Pross. “Mr. Lorry knew Miss Pross to be very jealous, but he also knew her by this time to be, beneath the surface of her eccentricity, one of those unselfish creatures-found only among women-who will, for pure love and admiration, bind themselves willing slaves, to youth when they have lost it, to beauty that they never had, to accomplishments that they were never fortunate enough to gain, to bright hopes that never shone upon their own somber lives.” This quote is important because it shows Miss Pross’ personality and character. It expresses that Miss Pross cares for Lucie Manette. She wants Lucie to have a happily fulfilled life. Miss Pross was never given these chances to be successful so she wants to make sure that Lucie has a better life than
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