A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

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“Constant goodness and purity can accomplish much. As the sun makes ice melt, love and compassion bring people together, and often transform them.” –Albert Schweitzer. It is a central idea in our world that when an individual sows love and compassion for mankind, their actions will positively impact those around them, and they will most certainly reap the benefits. Although a person of this magnitude seems rare in our society today, in Charles Dickens’, A Tale of Two Cities, Lucie Manette is the embodiment of compassion for those around her. In the novel, those whom encounter Lucie view her as pure, noble, strong and loving, and through her endeavors as a compassionate young woman she brings her father peace, transforms various…show more content…
This is exemplified when Mr. Lorry arrives at Doctor Manette’s home, finding that both Lucie and the Doctor are gone, he converses with Miss Pross and they begin to talk of Lucie’s many suitors: “I don’t want dozens of who are not worthy of Ladybird and her kindness, to come here looking after her.” (Dickens 91). Miss Pross is protective of Lucie and believes no one is worthy of her. If no one is worthy of Lucie, it is can be said that Lucie may be too good and pure for any man. This doesn’t stop many men for falling deeply in love with Lucie’s loving spirit; among these men is Charles Darnay: “He had never heard a sound so sweet and dear as the sound of her compassionate voice.” (Dickens 125). As a result of Lucie’s pure and kind presence, everyone around her views as compassionate and divine. Darnay forthrightly refers to Lucie as “dear” and “compassionate”, the fact that Lucie does not have to do anything other be herself for those around her to fall madly in love with her speaks volumes about her true character. Lucie Manette is both caring and compassionate in respects to those around her, which allows others to love her and understand her purity and nobility. As the novel progresses, Lucie’s acts of kindness and compassion, transform those around her and recall them back to life. More specifically, Lucie brings her father Doctor Manette final peace, and restores him to life and happiness after prison, and she gives
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