A Tale of Two Coaches Part 1

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Running Head: A Tale of Two Coaches Part 1

Monica J. Price

Grand Canyon University

LDR 600

Professor: Randall Conley

March 2, 2011

Abstract When it comes to leadership and management, Coach K and Coach Knight are undeniably the two most respected and committed college basketball coaches in the United States. But the one thing that sets the two apart is their leadership styles. Coach Knight chooses to lead by intimidation and Coach K choice is to use positive reinforcement. Both leadership styles have produced great results with a win-win record at both colleges. Leadership is a process in which the leader has to influence their follower’s in order to achieve a set of common goals, and in these two cases it’s to win
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Also communication with the students was only for the sole purpose of getting the job done. Coach K was just the opposite; he chose to place more emphasis on personal and social needs of his students meeting his goals of the college and his students. He worked at providing an uncontroversial environment having contact and personal relationships with his students. If that meant inviting them to his home for family gatherings and dinner, than he did it. He found the balance between concern for his students and he had same concern to accomplish his goal of winning. This in return promoted team motivation, morale and high participation with less discontented students. Being a disciplinary figure instead of a good leader with skills tends to have flaws. Coach K leadership skills stimulated participation and motivation decreased team issues and met the goals at hand. Coach Knight’s method of leading produced the same outcome with the exception of having communication with his students and keeping team morale and motivation high along with keeping issues resolved or at a minimal. The contingency model developed by Fiedler is based on the foundation that a meticulous leadership style is most effective in opposed situations. The key element would be to outline which leadership style needs to be used in what situations.

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