A Tale of Two Ships

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The following story is a tale of two ships, both with the same story.
It takes a spin on perspective, and plays with your imagination.
Each of the two prefaces gives a different introduction to each ship and story, so
Reader Beware: read but one preface, or the perspective and imaginative aspect of this tale will be forever lost...

Historical Fiction - 1779 -
Aboard the Continental Navy ship, the USS Alliance, captain Charles Stewart has orders to intercept the kings royal navy, which constantly scours trade routes, cutting off supplies to general Washington's army. The Alliance patrols the trade routes and explores new stretches of ocean hoping to aid the Continental army in the war for freedom. The USS Alliance was a state-of-the-art frigate armed with 26 cannons and 8 swivel guns.

Science Fiction - 2158 -
As a new era of interstellar exploration and trade with extraterrestrial beings begins, the Earth privateer vessel, the UNS Alliance, captained by Charles Stewart III, begins investigating reports of hostility along remote stretches of space mainly used by galactic cargo ships with little armament; perfect targets for pirates. The Alliance is the first of its kind, projecting the human race's existence across the galactic community. The ship was armed with 16 phase cannons and a pair of swivel laser turrets. Its Mission: exploration of the outer reaches of space, and making first contact with new life forms previously unknown to man. The UNS Alliance was named
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