A Teachable Moment

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DEAR FRIEND: One week ago, I’ve faced the most difficult task in my life, because, as you know I am a very shy person. For just one single day I’ve become a teacher, I must admit at the beginning, this task was very simple, at the end I found myself with a lot of job ahead of me ,because; I haven’t any single idea that how to be a teacher in front of a class. So, I was doomed. I made a lot of research that how to prepare a class, how to stand in a classroom, how to speak with the people in the classroom, even how to get dressed for that day. For real I was lost. I got just a very good challenge, I was motivated at the same time I was afraid. So, I started to collect all the ingredients in order to…show more content…
I admit teaching is a never-ending learning process. The big day has arrived! I said; however, to be honest I was trembling, very nervous. Actually, I could not sleep very well ,that day was driving me crazy, but I was ready to do my best in the front of the classroom ,I was thinking is just one day, nothing happens in one day, I made everything, I analyze every single step, Moreover I made the research ,I gathered the material, I got photocopies for the students, I made even a presentation in power point, I create a very interesting activities where the students and I we will interact and have a little fun I was thinking,’’ I did everything” So, there’s no going back in this day. I surpassed my fear, and I went to the classroom. As I expected the classroom was crowded, they were about 25 students inside the classroom, I crossed the door, and everybody saw me like a who is that? I tried to control my nerves, eventually I did it, I explain them the reason why I was covering the teacher as a substitute at the beginning in the class everything looks very calm, TERRIBLE MISTAKE! Suddenly the student’s starts to talk, to play, to use their cell phones, some of them were listening music in their IPod, I couldn’t believe that, I tried to calm the situation; However, I couldn’t ,They weren’t paying attention to the class, just a few of them were paying attention to my class. So, I tried to keep focused in those students, meanwhile the rest were
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