A Teacher Leadership At Lake Oconee Academy

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Teacher leaders and administrators play a vital role in the overall organizational structure of a school. As discussed in Educational Leadership, there are ten roles that teacher leaders tend to gravitate towards. The roles of teacher leaders vary according to duties and responsibilities placed on the teacher leader, they include the following: resource provider, instructional specialist, curriculum specialist, classroom supporter, learning facilitator, mentor, school leader, data coach, catalyst for change, and learner (Harrison & Killion, 2007, pg. 74-77). As a teacher leadership at Lake Oconee Academy, I personally see my duties and responsibilities covering several of these roles. Since the beginning of my employment at Lake Oconee…show more content…
My role as Special Education Coordinator, again, embodies the ideas and principles of a school leader, classroom supporter, and resource provider. So, to begin this research journey, I feel my role as a leader focuses on supporting the teachers, providing resources for teachers, learning along with the teachers, and actively embracing and promoting change within our learning continuum. When reviewing our data at Lake Oconee Academy (LOA) , over the past few years, the LOA data team has identified a relative weakness in our science and social studies scores as student reach the end of their elementary years into the beginning of their middle school years. As we reflect back over the past few years, we have begun to realize that professional development has been given to teachers in English Language Arts, writing, and mathematics; but we have failed to offer any professional development opportunities in the areas of science and social studies. As we have discussed this topic future, we have begun to identify weaknesses amongst of staff, curriculum, and teacher-preparation programs. Primary teachers at LOA, Kindergarten through second grade, have reported that during their undergraduate coursework there were provided no instruction in the areas of science and social studies. These teachers participated in mathematics courses, reading courses, and language courses; but failed to receive any instruction in science and social studies. Teachers are expected in all grade
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