A Teacher Must Understand The Diverse World We Live

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A teacher must understand the diverse world we live in; a teacher must also understand that with that diverse world come many different teaching situations that he or she will need to be prepared for prior to beginning teaching. As a teacher in 2016 and beyond, students from every culture and country could be present in a classroom, so preparation and understanding are key. Within those cultures, there will also be students who identify with subcultures. A teacher will not be successful as such if they cannot understand and respect each student 's uniqueness. With that being said, they must also teach others to respect those unique qualities as well. Teachers are often responsible for students of different religions, students who may not have English spoken in their home and students who have come from varied ethnical backgrounds. Because in today’s society, the acceptance of diverse lifestyles are growing more students are openly expressing their personal choices to be LBGTQ (Lesbian, Bi, Gay, Transgendered or Questioning). Another diverse subculture teachers are facing is the rising population of homeless students. Today’s teachers are facing in abundance, students who identify on the LBGTQ spectrum as well as students whose home circumstances leave them in poverty and specifically homeless, both area’s present an opportunity for the teacher as well as her class to practice positive acceptance skills and expand each person’s diversity consciousness as well as develop
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