A Teacher as a Linguist Essay

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In recent years, the topic of language along with its importance and influence on society has gained prominence as a separate area of study. Many have joined the ongoing debate whether English should be properly taught and used, or perhaps there is no such a thing as Standard English in today’s day and age. Since language is an extremely efficient medium of interaction and expression, it is enormously important that educators invest ample amount in Linguistic research and study so they can properly educate their students and grant them the tools that can help them achieve their potential. Freeman (2004) explains that teachers study linguistics so when they understand how language works, they can effectively use language to help their…show more content…
Firstly, to be an intelligent Descriptivist, one must agree that prescribed rules are still necessary or else they are prepared to live their creed and accept a mixture of random words or sounds as their means of communication. Equally so, to be an informed Prescriptivist, one must accept language changes to some extent or else we would still be utilizing Old English. Secondly, I have been taken by surprise when I came to a realization, that as much as I am one to encourage complete freedom of expression, I may be found guilty of leaning towards the Prescriptive Grammarian. Typically, I feel that too much direction cripples a person. Creativity and truthfulness is easily marred by rigid instruction. However, the descriptive approach threw me off when I realized that good as it may sound, allowing language to run its natural course is a terrible route for those who want to be understood and respected. Language without restrictions will lead us to a dark place of misunderstanding and disrespect because eventually the diverging of language will cripple communication and lower the educational standards considerable. Respecting change is ideal to an extent, but it is crucial to follow a prescribed set of rules that still allows flexibility and inventiveness within the margins I believe that in order for me to give my students the means to express
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