A Teacher with an Expertise in Teaching Essay

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Expertise in Teaching When asked to name the teachers who have had the greatest positive impact on us, we tend to name those who were warm, energetic, enthusiastic, organized, impartial, and competent in their field. Expert teachers employ all of these traits, and, as the text states, are "experienced" and "effective" and have "developed solutions for common classroom problems" (Woolfolk, 2001). I chose to interview my fourth grade teacher, Mr. Mendez, because he not only demonstrates expertise in teaching, but also has created a fun and proactive learning environment, which I hope to emulate in my future classroom. In order to teach effectively, the teacher must have a strong knowledge base of the material (Woolfolk, 2001). Mr.…show more content…
When students are essentially in control of their learning, they can better set goals for themselves, and take pride in their finished product. However, some students still need that extra push of encouragement, and that is when parents are informed. Expert teachers take into consideration "settings in which students learn" (Woolfolk, 2001). Mr. Mendez is very aware of these "settings," and has explored various ways in which group work enhances learning in his classroom. He has found that having students work individually on a task, share their findings with a neighbor, and then regroup for a class discussion is recommended for larger class sizes. With class sizes growing, expert teachers must discover effective approaches to group learning. Expertise in teaching involves utilizing materials that are curriculum based and age appropriate (Woolfolk, 2001). My expert teacher says he is quite impressed with a typing program which is informative and fun for the children. Educational board games, such as Boggle, aid in word recognition and are fast-paced fun. Mr. Mendez realizes that students learn best when the computer program, board game, or project, is enjoyable to the students. The expert teacher knows that learning can be fun, and will integrate different learning activities into the curriculum. Not specifically mentioned in the text, but of equal importance regarding expert teaching, is the manner in which the teacher
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