A Team Experience With The Big 5 Model Of Personality, Vroom 's Expectancy Theory

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This essay will reflect on a team experience with the aid of the Big 5 model of personality, Vroom’s Expectancy Theory, stress literature as well as the group/team theory of process gains and process losses. The team I was a part of, consisted of three people and was for an A Level Media Studies coursework project. The overall task was to create a niche news company which reported on contemporary modern art in London. To achieve a high grade for the coursework a news package, title sequence, website and social media platforms had to be produced to create the feel of a legitimate niche news company. As well as, maintain a blog posting on the success of the project daily. Personality can be defined as representing the overall profile, or a combination of characteristics that captures the unique nature of a person. Using the Big Five Model of Personality, a trait approach to personality which deals with the variation of a scale. I will be reflecting on how personality affected the work behaviour of the team. The theory consists of five key dimensions of personality, openness to experience, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. I scored highly on the conscientiousness scale. Those who are highly conscientious are commonly very responsible, reliable, organised, self-directed and successful, but can have controlling tendencies. Due to being highly conscientious, I took the lead on many of the smaller tasks and kept the team working efficiently, because
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