A Telephone Service For Anyone Who Has Been Affected By Hearing Loss

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CaptionCall: CaptionCall is a telephone service for anyone who has been affected by hearing loss whether the reason is, illness, injury, loud working conditions, and military service. CaptionCall Communication assistants use voice recognition technology to quickly provide written captions of what callers say on a large, easy-to-read screen. It also offers exceptional sound quality with amplification and customizable audio settings to match an individual’s unique hearing loss. Making it easy to communicate confidently with people by phone.

Tyler Inkley, is one of the many managers at CaptionCall. He is very passionate about the service the company provides and its quality. According to our lecture, leadership is defined as an action which involves; causing others to understand and agree to needs/wants, accomplishing objectives, helping individuals’ and encourages contributions in order to achieve results. Mr. Inkley relates very closely to the basic leadership known as Transformational as well as Herzberg’s theory. Other leadership characteristics he possess are; Direction, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Value of Diversity, Problem Solver/Innovator, and Result Driven.

As a leader with direction Tyler has the vision to break out of the norm, aiming for higher objectives and providing the steps necessary to achieve them as a company. Having effective communication among employees helps keeps the team working on the right projects with the right mentality. If a

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