A Text Messages : Distractions Essay

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Text Messages: Distractions Everyone wants to stay connected in each others lives by never missing a beat. More like never missing a text message in this day and age. Life is constantly finding its way to become full of responsibilities with little time to take a break as it is. Texting my family and friends is easier to respond to when I 'm taking care of my daughter and studying for school. Even a phone call seems better so I can multitask, cleaning the house or driving while talking on the phone. Communication is an essential key and important human need. By using technology, there is a deeper connection to communicating than some acknowledge. His eyes fixed on the bright, lit up screen, reading his messages instead of paying attention to the person that wants to spend quality time with in the real world. She uses selective hearing for detecting the tiniest sound or vibration signal from her mobile phone, meanwhile her kids are looking for any kind of attention without their mother 's phone in hand. I am not the only one who has easily misinterpreted a text message and immediately changed my mood because the message had a certain tone of negativity. A text away seems like a great way to communicate with everyone while still taking care of daily business like the bills, kids, school, and work. Is texting a message worth missing out on the many little big things in life happening around oneself? I believe that texting is a big distraction from being focused and giving
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