A Text With Readings By Manuel Velasquez

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In his book, Philosophy, A Text with Readings, Manuel Velasquez explores in depth the topic of ethics and all the different elements evolving around it. What is ethics? As humans, morals are an intrinsic part of who we are. Morals and values affect each and every aspect of our lives. When we make decisions, they affect our reasoning. Moreover, we acquire these values through agents of socialization whether it is family, school or even the media, but most importantly we tend to adopt the values of the culture we are a part of. In fact, the author stresses the importance of society: public decisions we make, standards of right or wrong, etc. How do we measure standards of ethics? In order to come up with norms and rules, we have to understand first how we, humans, think and function. Social sciences have been established to study our behaviors on many levels. “Societies differ in their moral standards” and because of that what is acceptable in one culture could be the completely different from another culture’s views of what is right. Thus it is impossible to define a set of moral standards for all. This concept is referred to as ethical relativism. The most important message behind this theory is having respect and tolerance toward other beliefs while still being able to evaluate them as well as our own. Another theory that the author makes reference to throughout the book is utilitarianism, which argues that morality should promote the good of everyone not just the
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