A Textbook Analysis

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LANG 202 – Textbook evaluation activity

Choose a beginning or intermediate language textbook for your target language. I recommend that you use the book you taught from in the fall or the one you are using this quarter, but you are not required to use one of those.

Name of textbook: Deutsch: Na klar!
Level 102

1. First look for the presence of the target culture in the textbook...

a. Does the textbook present mostly “Culture” or mostly “culture” or a good balance of both? Give examples.

As far as I noticed the textbook presents more Culture than culture. This might be justified by the fact that it is easier for students with a limited knowledge of a language to understand complex issues or cultural
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Give an example.

The cultural unit that introduces legal holidays talks about Carnival in some parts of Germany since it’s a legal holiday in these parts of the country. This holiday is even for some German not understandable and the book compares it to Mardi Grass to that students have a point of reference. Besides that, the book does not really encourage students to gain a cross-cultural understanding, the most the book does is to say in a different cultural unit that “in Germany you cannot buy medicine in the drugstore like Walgreen, but only in the pharmacy which is called “Apotheke”.

2. What could be done by the instructor using this book to more fully develop (and improve upon) the presentation of culture given in the book?

The instructor could present the cultural sections in class connected to a specific example, a role play in connection with a pre-activity and a possible follow up. Unfortunately, the teachers never have time to present the cultural issues the book presents. For example in Chapter 10 student find a box with the title “facts worth knowing about Germany” that provides information like “ two thirds of all wine is produced in Rhineland-Palatinate” or “ In North Rhine-Westphalia is more industry located than in all other federal states together”. These facts alone and without any context are boring and not interesting for students because there is no connection for the
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