A Thank Adonai: A Short Story

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So it's been a hot second.

But let me say that a lot has happened and it is good. Thank Adonai for that. Seriously.

A couple of weekends ago, I found myself driving to Orlando, Florida gearing up for some intensive trainings at a young adult Messianic conference called the ARCH summit. I was nervous, a mixture of being unsure and also thinking I was in no way worthy of being there.

This past almost year has kicked my butt. I don't know what has been in my drinking water, but it's been hard.

I've gained a lot of weight, I've also gained a lot of oppression. Somehow these things go hand in hand, but as a woman, that's a very vicious cycle.

I've been apathetic and I've been letting the oppression build on me, essentially keeping me on the
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I mean He is always around me, always speaking, so let me clarify. I became available to Him, I opened my heart back to Him and let Him minister to my brokeness.

I met fellow believers that were on fire for the Lord, and it invigorated me. I made important connections and also, I got not just the intensive trainings I was expecting, but I got training that surpassed my expectations.

Although a lot of the habits I formed in my oppressive state still linger, there is a lot more fight in me now, and I am working on pushing back on the negative effects I have let bother me for so long. I don't want to just lie down and let the enemy take me.

I walked away from the ARCH summit not just trained, I walked away liberated.

It has been interesting being back in my college courses and back to my "normal" life in a not so normal state. My mouth rejoices constantly for the Lord's goodness, and I am connected to the presence of the Lord in such a strong way.

I write this blog to let you know about my weekend a couple of weekends ago, but also to encourage those who are being oppressed. It's okay that you've been battling, but don't let the enemy speak lies to you.

You are liberated by the Messiah Yeshua. That my friend, is pretty powerful.

May we walk in His
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