A Thank You-Personal Narrative

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Hey Zary (chill opening, cause I'm awesome like that), Man, you're eighteen, an adult just like me, it's scary huh? I mean I was kind of sorta terrified when it was my birthday, and I was kind of sorta an emotional wreck. I figured that because you wrote me such a heartfelt letter there's no better way to show my gratitude then to write you one. Zary there are so many things to say, so many memories that we've made in our life time. I still remember way back when to when Jazleen introduced us, and man I really should thank her one day for that because meeting you is one of the most important memories I hold. I remember going to your quince and thinking "wow, look at her, she looks like a princess!" I was kind of jealous to be honest. I remember going out to the movies with you and Lizett, and I remember when you came over to watch movies at my house. Oh and of course there was Elitches too, we danced in the rain and all of us had more fun than I thought possible. We've done so much together, we've joined clubs together like LULAC, United Raptors, and we even played soccer together in 7th grade. Man the time flew by and now I'm looking at our memories and somehow they feel like they all…show more content…
Like when we used to stay up all night, talking about the most random topics, and then writing weird stories with you. The random days we had in class together and all those random moments we shared. Remember when we were in Riccio's and we wrote about Rime and Zark and literally couldn't look at each other without laughing, and Riccio looked at us like we were crazy? Good times haha I'm pretty sure I still have the story somewhere. All of our inside jokes and our made up Naruto story to try to get Bailee to understand (although I don't think she ever did). I even remember back during freshman year when we would just walk around and talk, leaving behind everything to just
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