A Theme Or Topic For My Unit Would Be World War Ii And

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A theme or topic for my unit would be World War II and the Holocaust. The unit would involve students investigating the Holocaust and the Nuremberg trials as well as the development of the United Nations. Students will analyze the factors leading up to the events of the Holocaust and the idea of antisemitism that was developing. They will also examine the significance of the Nuremberg trials and how international efforts came to be to protect human rights and future wars from occurring. The unit would involve students examining primary sources, secondary sources, artwork, and photographs of the time. This unit would address two subject areas, English and Social Studies. Students would be reading novels about the Holocaust and individuals…show more content…
Students will be reading multiple primary and secondary sources. Visual aids such as photographs, arts, and film, will also be used so students can visualize the horrors that occurred. Students will learn how the United Nations came to be as well as international efforts to prevent future wars and genocides. For this unit, I would change my community resource. Instead of using the Putnam Arts Council, I would use The Holocaust and Human Rights Education center. I think this would be a good resource to help students gain an understanding of the events that occurred during the Holocaust and allow students access to individual accounts and stories of survivors. This resource offers programs for middle schoolers to help educate them about the Holocaust. Their website includes an online database of oral records of interviews with survivors that students can access. They also have resources on their website that teachers can use in their classrooms. Certain students are also eligible to meet and interview survivors. I would incorporate the community resource by inviting a speaker to come speak to the English and Social Studies classes. This will allow students to hear details and stories from someone who has worked with Holocaust survivors. Students can ask questions and learn incredible knowledge from this community resource. The unit would also include students working on a research project that will allow them to discover

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