`` A Theology `` : Is Christian Theology A Pile Of Dead Bones?

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With the rise of modernity, a technological shift has allowed our society to be more interconnected than ever. The supercomputers that we call cell phones can connect us to one another, to information, and to cultural developments almost instantaneously. However, also following this rise of modernity is a cultural drift that manifests itself as the fall of Christendom, or the divorce between gospel and Greco-Roman civilization that make them as disconnected as ever. The challenges of nihilism and the historical-critical method appear to have severed the historical ties that the Church once had to mainstream culture. Through the modern framework of a divorce of culture and church, Robert Jenson, in his book, A Theology in Outline: Can These Bones Live?, deconstructs and illustrates various theological concepts in an attempt to answer the greater theological and historical question within his subtitle: is Christian theology a pile of dead bones in today’s society? In an attempt to answer this question, Jenson wields scripture, specifically the overarching narrative of God’s identity, as a gauge of validity that denies, confirms, or modifies various theological concepts that arise out of both historical and social developments. Following Jenson’s central image of the dead bones of Israel, the structural basis, or bones, of Jenson’s body of theology is solely biblical scripture. Through this truth-seeking test of scripture, Jenson vividly and comprehensively illustrates the

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