A Theology Of Leadership For Christ 's Church

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Theology is an attempt to explain God and his relationship to our world and humanity, while leadership is the human endeavor or capacity to lead or guide others through an operation, activity, task, or even through life. To build a theology of leadership is to build on the interrelation between these two. In order to develop a true theology of leadership, thoughtful reflection on Biblical scripture and the leadership of those called by God must be examined. What I assert is that of all the models that we have examined that Servant Leadership is a theology of leadership for Christ-centered pastoral leadership within Christ’s church.
Northouse defines leadership as “a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal.” Leadership as it works through those in pastoral leadership in the church then is a process whereby an individual who has been influenced by the works of Christ as they have journeyed the path of faith and come to embrace and embody Christ and the gospel message within their own life then in acceptance of Christ’s call upon their life goes out to influence, invite, and empower others to embrace and embody the gospel in their own lives.
For the not yet established church it was Christ who was the original influencer of a ragtag group of disciples and followers who came to embrace and embody His gospel message and through which Christ would build His church. So who better to look to when looking at leadership and
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