A Theoretical Analysis Of The Commercial First Date'

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Commercials are intended to sell a product or to educate people. In the Commercial “First Date” advertising the 2016 Hyundai Genesis luxury sedan and staring Kevin Hart, the car company aims to reach a broader audience. This was aired during Super Bowl 50th. While some aspects of American culture have changed, there are some fundamental beliefs that have stayed consistent for years. What has remained consistent is; that Fathers will always be protective of their daughters, and that people will spend money on technology if it makes their lives easier. These two points are emphasized in this advertisement. I believe that this commercial is very persuasive in getting its target audience to consider purchasing this vehicle or at the least investigate…show more content…
To get a time slot for a commercial during this event is highly coveted and expensive and these time slots are short so the advertisement needs to be creative and get to the point quickly. This commercial was presented to a global audience and emphasizes the value of safety and convenience which appeals to most everyone. The commercial make the argument that everything that you value, your child, your car, etc... will be safer if you know where it is at all times. It shows that the father (Kevin Hart) always knows where his daughter is because he knows where his car is thanks to his car finder app. The persuasion is for you to buy the Hyundai genesis and not only will you have a great car, but you will also know where it is at all times. The advertisement utilizes Ethos, mostly because the commercial emphasizes the characteristic spirit of a culture of a Father protecting his daughter and doing what he feels is right and within his power to do. He utilizes technology to accomplish his goal. There is some utilization of Pathos, because some may pity the young man who is courting Kevin Hart’s daughter or feel sadness for the young girl because her date was ruined but the smile on Kevin Hart’s face at the end of the commercial is the…show more content…
A Father is still overly protective of his daughter and that may never change. The dichotomy is that the commercial displays old values and at the same time emphasizes “The New”, that technology is the future and has the goal of trying to improve our lives. I believe this advertisement completely achieved it’s goals with its audience. This commercial aired in February 2016 and the recent US News and World Report ranks the Hyundai Genesis 4th out of 17 for midsize luxury sedans. Although we won’t know about total sales yet for this year, In USA today’s Money section this commercial received first place honors with the Ad Meter. For 28 consecutive years, USA TODAY’S Ad Meter has stood as one of the nation’s most closely watched gauges of advertising success. This is extremely important given the fact that 30 seconds of airtime in this year’s Superbowl cost 5 million dollars. Hopefully Hyundai sees return on this
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