A Theoretical Framework Of Disability Employment

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Setting The study will take place in an inner-city college in the North East of England. The study will take place in life skills department of the college, with one hundred percent of the students having a learning difficulty or disability. The life skills programme population has students with varying degrees of learning needs and physical disabilities, such as Downs Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Intellectual Disabilities. The study will also include the parents and carers of the young people with learning difficulties and disabilities. Evidence collection The research will consist of three phases of inquiry: anonymous online surveys, pilot focus groups and semi-structured interviews. The intention of the pilot studies is to help aid and refine my methodology and to contribute to the development of the conceptual framework. The goal of the interviews and focus groups will be to gather data to establish a theoretical framework of disability employment. The interview model will consist of semi-structured questions to elicit participant’s perceptions, views and beliefs of employment opportunities and services for those with learning difficulties and disabilities in a detailed and comprehensive manner. Method The research will begin by applying an interpretivism view. Interpretivism is the philosophical perspective for this study because it allows the exploration of the perceptions, views and beliefs of parents/carers and young people. It is important to
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