A Theoretical Perspective On Race Relations

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Joe R. Feagin and Clairece Booher Feagin use their piece “Theoretical Perspectives in Race Relations” to talk about the common misconception of the assimilation of ethnic minorities to the core white culture. As I gradually worked through the reading, I realized that the process of assimilation was much more rigid and tedious for some rather than others as time went on. Feagin and Feagin pointed towards how European immigrant groups were able to assimilate with ease into White American culture. Non-European immigrants such as African-Americans and Latinos were subject to discrimination within a rigid class system that the US economy benefitted off of cheap labor and poor housing markets. Through the use of historical examples, the allocation of class, and race in American society, I was able to realize how intricate of a problem ethnic minorities face to achieve equality. The idea that if blacks and latinos simply started to take after white people, then the wealth, education, and success would soon follow soon diminished, as I realized much of the European immigrant groups have made huge progress over decades, while non-European immigrant groups haven’t made the progress in quality of life. Making the conversation of equality in America not simply about race, or income, or legacy, but rather a culmination of factors that feed into a group’s ascension in society. The old examples of immigrants having difficulty of assimilating to American society transcends today to many…
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