A Theoretical Philosophy of Leadership

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Leadership is about the relationship and utilization of influence in various communication forms applied in a process that allows individuals and groups to work together to achieve collaborative goals (Ziegler & Degrosky, 2008). If influence is the driver of leadership, then power, is the engine. Having influence and power alone is insufficient to create leadership much like having a driver and a vehicle do not automatically create transportation. There are other components necessary to make the car move from one place to another. Power and influence utilized in an ethical and efficient manner gains willing compliance and commitment. Contemporary leadership theories based on efficiently reengineering older theories
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An ethical leader must be courageous enough to stand against adversity while heralding and defending the right course of action with the intent of not bringing detriment to others or a situation. A leader cannot lead his or her organization through change without courage and must transmit the vision well enough to prompt employees into taking calculated risks (Collins et al., 1998). The duty to overcome moral and ethical dilemmas requires recognition of pitfalls and hazards and anticipation of unforeseen ones (Morrison, 2001). Failing to safeguard the leadership burden erodes the very fabric upon which our values are based. Moral and ethical guides handed down across centuries serve as the foundation of human kind’s religious, spiritual, and philosophical base.
Most spiritual and ethical guides of both East and West hold moral precepts at the foundation of the philosophy, and send the consistent message to work hard, do right by others, and lead an orderly life. Contained within these guides are core attributes, integrity, compassion, and humility. The texts of the moral and ethical guides cover other subjects, as well, work ethic, courage, and perseverance. Some expand to actions needed after one has lost his way. These philosophies contain a road map to salvation, harmony, or inner
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