A Theory Of Change Process

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Introduction A theory of change is a method used in community or organizational planning that identifies preconditions for a desired change to occur. The theory of change process works by first articulating an ultimate goal; the desired change. The next step is to work backwards from the ultimate goal by identifying outcomes that lie along the road to change. Outcomes occurring in both the short-term and long-term are defined, as are the prerequisites to arrive at them. Next, a proposed intervention for initiating action that will theoretically lead to the short-term and long-term outcomes, and eventually the ultimate goal, is clearly outlined. The resources required to support the success of the proposed intervention are then identified.…show more content…
According to their newsletter, GTC (2007) recaptured their mission statement that was developed at the 1998 tribal member planning meeting. The first line of the mission statement is to “re-settle the traditional village of Georgetown as a tribal communal place” (GTC, 2007, p.2). This theory of change will strategize a series of events that will assist GTC in planning to achieve this goal.
Long-term outcomes Long-term outcomes are essentially checkpoints situated along the road to the change which immediately precede the ultimate goal. When the long-terms outcomes are achieved, the condition for the desired change to occur becomes present. A long-term outcome GTC should plan to arrive at along the road to change is for several tribal members to be residing in Georgetown for at least six months per year. Establishing residency in Georgetown leads to an increase in population which leads the goal of a being a successful, inhabited community. A second long-term outcome that will enhance the conditions for achievement of the ultimate goal is for GTC to own and operate a small business in Georgetown. Tribal members residing in Georgetown will benefit by having an opportunity to earn a small income to help with living expenses. The community of Georgetown and surrounding villages will benefit from the creation of jobs and stimulated economy. Georgetown Tribal Council will benefit by earning unrestricted funds to continue developing and improving the quality of
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